Functional Porous Organometallocavitands in Network Materials

Consortium (Individual Project):  
  Dr. Alexander Pöthig, Munich
Technical University Munich,
Chair of Inorganic and Metal-Organic Chemistry
Project: Functional Porous Organometallocavitands in Network Materials
Abstract: This individual project examines the implementation of organometallocavitands as tailored and functional building blocks into smart network materials. One compound class of the organometallocavitands are the pillarplexes containing the coinage-metals Au(I) and Ag(I). Besides the intrinsic photoluminescence, pillarplexes feature the potential to regulate the solubility through simple anion exchange. Furthermore, pillarplexes show selective encapsulation of guest molecules with specific shape into the tubular pores. The porosity and functionality of the highly modular pillarplex compounds show advantages towards conventional building blocks. To enable a coordinative implementation of the pillarplexes into higher dimensional network materials, the functionalisation of macrocyclic NHC ligand is aspired. In order to find a strategy for the synthesis of higher dimensional networks different literature-known synthetic routes are tested. The obtained materials are characterised regarding their structure, properties and especially their responsivity towards external conditions, such as luminescence, porosity and pH-switchability. Successful preparation would implement a new branch of organometallic coordination network chemistry. The tailored design of molecular building blocks for the formation of functional materials connects the research topics of supramolecular chemistry, mechanostereochemistry and materials science.
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