Control of conformational effects in layered kagome MOF films and systematic access to their use in electronic applications

  Prof. Dr. T. Weitz
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
I. Physics Institute, Faculty of Physics
  Dr. Renhao Dong
Technische Universität Dresden
Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden & Faculty of Faculty of Chemistry and Food Chemistry
Project: Control of conformational effects in layered kagome MOF films and systematic access to their use in electronic applications
Abstract: Layered conjugated metal-organic frameworks, characterized with strong in-plane conjugation and weak out-plane van der Waals force, have emerged as promising playground for realizing of electrically conductive materials and show large promise for delicate electronic applications such as reliable field-effect transistors, spintronic devices or possibly might even show superconductivity. However, up to now this principle promise has not been put into reality. One of the key challenges faced by the scientific community is, to synthesize layered conjugated MOFs with high structural control at the atomic or molecular level to dial-in specific electronic properties. In this respect, progress can be only reached in coordinated programs as in the COORNETs SPP and if synthetic chemistry and condensed matter physics join forces. The ambitious goal of the proposal is to develop hydrogen-free kagome 2D conjugated MOF (2D c-MOF) films with controlled layer orientation and functionality as for example tuned by choice of ligands and layer stacking motive on the one side. To this end, we aim to control lattice structures like geometries, pore sizes and metal-metal distances thus achieving in-plane engineering of charge and spin distribution. On the other side, we aim to develop a systematic methodology to analyze the electronic properties of the to-be-developed novel MOFs via charge transport experiments. To this end, we will develop nanoscale contacting schemes using high-resolution lithography to access DC-charge transport properties. As key achievements, we expect to establish novel electronic structures and reliable synthesis strategies, delineation of reliable structure-transport relationships to demonstrate the superior charge transport performance of novel kagome MOF films. Our work will establish kagome MOFs as versatile electronic materials.
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