Electroactive MOF networks

Consortium: Prof. Thomas Bein, Munich
Ludwigs Maximilians University (LMU)
Department for Chemistry and Center for NanoScience
  Dr. Dana D. Medina, Munich
Ludwigs Maximilians University (LMU)
Department for Chemistry and Center for NanoScience
  Prof. Timothy Clark, Erlangen
Friedrich-Alexander-Universtät Erlangen-Nuernberg (FAU)
Computer Chemistry Center
Projekt: Electroactive MOF Networks
Abstract: In the framework of the EMOF project in COORNETs, we aim to design and synthesize novel MOF networks that consist of electroactive organic building units aligned as molecular stacks and study their photophysical properties in the form of thin films. For this purpose, we choose the so-called 2D-MOF or MOF-74 topologies, which allow rigid semiconducting and dye molecules to be positioned in a periodically stacked manner. Thin MOF films will be synthesized on conducting substrates with precise control over their thickness and crystallite orientation. An orthogonal arrangement of the molecular stacks with respect to the substrate surface is expected to yield charge percolation pathways along the stacks. These aspects will be studied in the context of device fabrication, which will shed light on the transport properties of the MOFs such as hole-mobility and electrical conductivity. Furthermore, physical properties such as photon absorption and fluorescence lifetimes will help to understand the underlying principles of the dye molecular aggregation in the MOFs. Theoretical studies will provide insight into the possible layer interactions, molecular packing and charge carrier transport paths, and help to design new MOF-based frameworks with desired properties. Finally, we will aim to assemble ordered bulk heterojunctions from such MOF networks that could be integrated into optoelectronic devices.
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