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Workshop electrochemical and electrical characterization of films of coordination network compounds

Date: Wednesday/Thursday 27-28 June 2018


Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Campus Oldenburg Wechloy, Carl von Ossietzky Street 9-11, Room W3 1-130

For direction including direction inside the building see:


Contact: Pouya Hosseini Yazdeli (, Gunther Wittstock (, Michael Wark (


The workshop provides an introduction for the PhD students of the DRG Priority Program “Coordination Networks: Building Blocks for Functional Systems” to electrical and electrochemical characterization of coordination network compounds prepared as films on surfaces. Conductivity of such compounds is a key parameter for their use in many applications in the area of sensing and energy conversion devices. The workshop program consists of tutorial lectures, some lab demonstrations of equipment and an informal discussion between the participating PhD students and postdocs.

Participates are invited to bring posters with their results and problems in the area of film preparation for electrical and electrochemical measurements to facilitate the discussion.


The workshop will give an introduction in the observation of redox transition in films of coordination network compounds and the assignment of transitions with the help of spectroscopic experiments conducted simultaneously with electrochemical measurements. In this context, references from coordination compounds in solution are important to consider as well as the differences in charge transport, if those centers are assembled to films. Electrical conduction in coordination network compounds is also possible in dry state. For the characterization of electrical and thermal conductivity, a set of powerful methods established in solid state physics can be used to characterize films of coordination network compounds, provides that suitable films can be prepared on test chips. The principle of the methods and the requirements of suitable sample preparation will be highlighted. The workshop program will be concluded by an overview of impedance and NMR methods to characterize ionic conductivity in porous solids.

Preliminary schedule:

27 June 2018:

  • 13:00 arrival of participants (Munich-Oldenburg 07:19-13:23, 1 change; Karlsruhe-Oldenburg 07:00-13:03, 2 changes; Stuttgart-Oldenburg 07:25-13:23, 2 changes; if this is not possible arrival on 26 June 2018 and two overnight stays might be necessary)
  • 14:00-19:00, 3 lectures á 90 min, lab demonstration
  • retreat of students for dinner and informal discussion

28. June 2018:

  • 8:30-12:00, 2 lectures á 90 min
  • 12:45-14:15, poster discussion

Major location of COORNET groups can be reached by train leaving Oldenburg 15:35


Sonia Castellanos Ortega, Amsterdam

Engelbert Redel, Karlsruhe

Helmut Baumgart, Norfolk VA, USA (Mercator fellow of the DFG Priority Program)

Patrick Bottke, Oldenburg

Gunther Wittstock, Oldenburg



Please register over the COORNET web page following the link

Please indicate if you will bring a poster. COORNET will support the participation of PhD students of the COORNET program as well as of associated researchers by covering the travel costs and a hotel accommodation in Oldenburg.