COORNETs Call for Nomination(s) 2021

Start-up Support for Junior Research Group Leaders and/or Gateway Fellowships for Post-Doctoral Researchers

Junior Research Group Leaders (JRGLs) are invited to join COORNETs. A welcome package of € 20.000,- will be granted in addition to access to the research network and participation at COORNETs events (e.g. Workshops, Progress Symposia) and other benefits (e.g. travel grants for doctoral researchers). Candidates must not be already PIs of COORNETs. Candidates should already have been successful in raising independent funding of their own position and/or research group or are planning to do so (e.g. individual research grants from any sources including post-doctoral fellowships). The JRGLs are expected to perform research matching the goals of COORNETs and are encouraged to develop and submit independent research proposals to obtain external funding based on the preliminary work supported by the association to the COORNETs network.

Gateway Fellowships (GFs) of 9 months (E13/14 100%, € 60.000,- ; DFG Personnel Rates 2021 apply) may be awarded to high-potential candidates to support the period immediately after obtaining the doctoral degree and starting a post-doctoral project (funding of the candidates own position). Thus, candidates are at the decision-making process of staying in academia and will benefit from the association with COORNETs for shaping their profile. The GF will be granted on the condition of a matching fund of 3 months (E13/14 100%, 15.000,-€) provided by the academic host (PI or PI consortium of COORNETs) to complete a 12 months bridge period.

PIs of COORNETs are particularly encouraged to identify female candidates for JRGL and/or GF.  

At least two PIs of COORNETs not belonging to the same consortium should support nominations. Decision will be made by the Executive Board of COORNETs based on the evaluation of the requested documents:

(1)    Cover letter by the nominating PIs of COORNETs (1 page)

(2)    Letter of motivation (career plan) and research concept by the candidate (2-3 pages)

(3)    Curriculum Vitae, publication list, selection of up to three most relevant publications.

E-mail to the Coordinator, roland.fischer@tum.de.

Deadline of submission, April 30, 2021.